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  1. This is really well put, I really appreciate this input. I think as I was planning this tattoo I didn't realize I was admiring it on my phone all the time and not on my body. The thought of having it there forever is still messing with me (again this never happened with my other one..) I'm taking a break from staring at it for now haha.
  2. How long did it take you to like them? Also, did you go through this dramatic of an adjustment period or am I just a freak haha. I also second guess things a lot, I’m afraid I’ll second guess this thing forever. There are parts I like and parts I don’t, I’m totally nitpicking it and shit. I should’ve known I’d be this way! Friends of mine have shared that they’ve had tattoos they’re not thrilled with and putting stuff around them made it better because it was all part of the patchwork. I know for me right now obviously the answer is to chill and accept the one I have (or not) and go from there. Maybe this thing will help me stop nitpicking and just accept stuff. Lol maybe if I create a meaning it’ll help. Anyway, I really really appreciate you replying. It comforts me so much to know I’m not the only one. Everyone else around me just goes with the flow regarding tattoos, leading me to believe maybe I’m not the right type for them and I’m screwed? Almost like I’m having some identity crisis lol. See how much I overthink. Also- i’d love to PM you about your removal experience if that’s okay. Not making any decisions now, just want to see what all my options are.
  3. You’re very right I’m doing it to myself. I’m trying to chill but I can’t really get over the idea that I may not be into it. I will pm a photo.Thanks so much for replying to me
  4. hi everyone. first of all im 27 and got my first visible tattoo. i got it 4 days ago and i feel like i have to admit that i hate it. but i'm not sure if my mind is messing with me. i have one other small tattoo on my ankle and this new one is my first visible one. it is on my upper arm right smack in the middle. very very noticeable to me. there are parts of the tattoo i think are alright and others i'm afraid make me hate it. and i'm horrified because its right on my arm forever. i'm not sure if i'm just terrified of the possibility that i hate it, or if i actually hate it. it's not even done healing. everyone around me likes it (it is very well done i think) and i have wanted visible tattoos and planned this particular one for a while. but i'm afraid maybe tattoos werent meant for me personally? i have been obsessively researching laser removal but i dont think thats an option for me because there are very bold lines and color (including small yellow parts) i can recognize the tattoo looks good but i'm afraid it isn't for me and i'm afraid i think its weird. it's eating me up inside and i cant eat or sleep or concentrate. i'm nauseated all day and don't know what to do with myself. obviously i cant go back in time and it seems i cant remove it but i wish i liked it thats all. if only it was somewhere not so visible. i mean im looking at this thing constantly. please you guys help me out here. if any one wants to see a pic i will send a PM. again the tattoo is done alright (i think) but i might still hate it. please tell me this happens to the more neurotic types of people and that i will end up liking my tatttoo.....