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  1. I had a tattoo on my calf last Saturday, so just over a week ago. It was a 6 hour tattoo so quite big. It's been painful to walk, stand etc and has swollen if I've been on my feet - which I have been as I've been at work. The healing wasn't looking like my other tattoos, but have held off as I just thought where it's a different part of my body and a longer time having a tattoo that it could be why. I was still having plasma leaking from it yesterday. I finally phoned the non emergency number here and they didn't seem worried, told me to go to my own doctor in a few days. It started feeling hot to touch and I could see some pus. So I went to to A&E and although they don't think it's infected, they've given me antibiotics to be on the safe side, have wrapped it in a dressing which I need to go to my local nurse and get changed on Tuesday. The reason for this post.........the nurse said it looks like it has deep scarring. Is this going to effect the overall look of my tattoo, I'm gutted this has happened. Does anyone have photos of tattoos after infections or after deep scarring has happened?
  2. I went to A&E in the end as it was starting to feel warm to touch too and had some yellow pus. They don't think it's infected, just very irritated but have given me antibiotics to be on the safe side. It's also in a dressing now which I need to get changed in a couple of days. Pleased I went with my instinct and went today rather than waiting. Thank you for your comment. They've said that some of it looks like I have deep scarring 😢 hoping my tattoo doesn't look shit once it's healed.
  3. Not sure if anyone will read this now as it's such an old thread, but worth a go. I had a tattoo on the back of my calf just over a week ago now and it's still very painful, especially to walk, stand from sitting or stop/start walking, I don't know if that is just where the tattoo is tightening where it's scabbing or something else. It's the first tattoo I have in this area so all new to me. I let it dry out a few days ago as I had put too much lotion it it. Its still got the plasma coming from it and yesterday there was quite a lot - made my trouser leg quite wet! I phoned the non-emergency phone number here and they have advised me to phone my doctor in the next 3 days - they will open at 8:30 tomorrow morning. If I post some photos, I'm hoping for someone to be able to give their opinion on it too. The tattoo is black/grey but at the start of healing there was a lot of plasma/blood leaking out so the red scabbing I'm not sure if it's from that. I've been at work all week and spend all day on my feet, so not had chance to keep my leg raised. I've also added a photo of it when it was first done so you can see what it's meant to look like.
  4. I had 6 hours on my calf done a week ago and this is by far the worst healing so far! The pain is something else. If I have my leg raised, putting it down takes my breath away, if I'm walking I can't stop - shopping is fun! Have to walk around and back again to pick any item up so I don't have to stop! I really hope the pain eases up soon, but being at work all week really doesn't help as I'm on my feet all the time so the swelling has been quite bad too. It hasn't put me off having another on my other leg, but no way would I have 6 hours in one go again.
  5. Yep, looked at the photo I took for this and realised that! So didn't put anything on it that night, it's still leaking the plasma when I walk around but is looking a lot better already.
  6. Thank you. I didn't put anything on it last night and this morning it already looked loads better - think where the plasma seems to still be coming out and then the tattoo goo it was just too much. The swelling is feeling uncomfortable and the pain is so much worse than all my others. But it'll be worth it in the end. Its all new to me as all my others by day 3 at the latest have scabbed over. Every time I have to walk, it feels wet from the plasma within a few minutes. Think my body is telling me to sit down and stop.
  7. Hi all, have been searching the Internet for advice and found this website. I got a tattoo on my calf on Saturday, it took almost 6 hours so is the longest time I've been in a tattoo studio. It only occurred to me towards the end that the reason I get cold when I have a tattoo is nothing to do with the temperature in the studios but my body's way of reacting to what's happening. On Sunday morning I had a fever, shaking like crazy and freezing cold but burning up. Thankfully it only lasted a few hours. Fast forward to today, I've googled so much over the last few days as I keep getting worried its not right etc. All my other tattoos have healed fine, never had anything coming from it. This one however is different. I don't know what it's called, the stuff coming from it but it's weepy and bloody if that's any help. My ankle is looking swollen today, the weepyness is still happening so this is all new for me. I've got my feet tattooed and tattoos around my ankles but this is a lot of ink in one area so hoping it's just that. I work with young children so have been on my feet pretty much the whole time and no chance of putting my feet up until the evening. Would love it if someone could come and put my mind at rest.