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  1. UPDATE: woke up today and i felt my lymph node on my elbow (the tattoo is situated near my elbow) please tell me if this is normal thanks 😞
  2. thanks for the replies! definitely made me less paranoid! was just wondering what else i could do about the little bumps that formed around it (look like very very small pimples)
  3. hi! new to LST so it wont let me post on the appropriate forum but i was wondering if my tattoo is healing properly or if i should have myself checked. got my tattoo 1 month ago (red ink) and it has already gone through the scabbing + peeling stage at the 2 week mark. note, i accidentally put too much moisturizer every day (something i only realized after researching online) by week 3 it started becoming foggy, raised, and dull looking so i thought it was just dead skin that needed to be removed so i STUPIDLY scrubbed it lightly (as if “lightly” would justify the act of scrubbing haha) with a washcloth and it started getting irritated and stingy. its been a month now and my scabs are slightly yellow that ooze out clear-yellow liquid (nothing thick, just watery) only after i wash it for too long/bother the scabs. very itchy, slightly red, but not painful. went to my tatt artist 3 days ago and they told me it seems to be just healing a second time, but to monitor it for a few more weeks then i should probably go to the doctor. please let me know what you guys think because i’m paranoid by nature and getting worried.