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  1. aaah Thanks for the heads up

  2. dont come up mon the 1st. i am closed. sun the 7th is the party.... we thought mon the 1st would be a poor turnout. and the sunday previous was easter...so we went with sun the 7th. not exactly april fools day, but close enough for us i guess

  3. yep I will def be up monday the 1st

  4. i like it when people think there is a special "technique" to making this type of tattooing last. tattooing is poking holes in people with needles dipped in ink. thats the technique. it has always been that and always will be. each new generation learns the hard way.
  5. what i would love to see is a magazine, or section on this wonderful forum -where pictures of "realistic" tattoos that were published in magazines(or online) when new- were tracked down and re-photoed to show how they hold up compared to how they were presented to the public. i think many magazines do us artists a disservice when they photoshop up tattoo images. it makes for pretty pictures, and unrealistic expectations from clients. if i had a dollar for every time i told a potential client that a white tattoo was not going to look good, and had them pull up some photo of a freshly done white tattoo on their phone to prove me wrong......so lets see some pictures of those 20 shades of rottting flesh tatttoos when new and 10 years later - - - Updated - - - @ peterpoose sorry but that tattoo is barely readable now, in 10 years you will have a black arm. sorry dude
  6. the first year i had Acme tattoo in Charlottesville va, i took credit cards. that year i ended up paying more in processing fees than i did in taxes. that was the end of that. i dont see why a shop should have to pay for the lack of planning on the part of its clients. i worked for a shop once that took cards but charged a 5$ fee to accept them. I am not sure that was legal, but it helped. we would say, " we can take your card here for 5$ or you can walk to the end of the block and pay 3$ fee for atm." honestly the big2$ we made per transaction wasnt worth the extra trouble and paperwork in my book. CASH is what we want. everything else is just an I.O.U.
  7. I'll make sure @jayessebee shows his face at the 1 year anniversary shindig.

  8. stop on by. let me know when you are coming and maybe we can meet early for lunch

  9. Greetings Mr. Forbus! I have been a big fan of your art for a few years and I hope to get up to Staunton for a tattoo soon! I was going to come up with EVB a couple weeks ago but we got our travel schedules crossed

  10. thanks to those who mentioned me on this thread. flattered. i should lurk around here more often....
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