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  1. Thanks everyone! I appreciate it.
  2. You’re right, honestly. I think I just feel pressured to have a perfect tattoo and I don’t want others to think it looks wonky. In reality though it’s my tattoo and as long as it’s special to me is what matters. Thanks!
  3. Hello, I really was eager to create this account and hopefully gather some insight on what happened to my tattoo. Is it tattoo blowout or just something else? I got this tattoo, it’s my first ever one, on October 9th just this month. It’s very very meaningful to me and it’s my mother’s handwriting, so of course it’s special to me! When my tattoo was done, which it was so quick and easy, I was in love. Clean smooth lines, thin and very nice. Now, I still love my tattoo and it’s meaning but I can’t help that I keep looking at it and overthinking and panicking about it. It’s causing me a ton of stress. 😟 It looks blurry around some of the letters and the lines don’t look as smooth. I must mention that the bandage she used was I believe the saniderm type or similar. I was told to leave it on for 48 hours exactly and then remove the bandage in the shower. I did exactly that! I included a few images: the first one being it freshly done at the studio.. the second being either the same day or next day with the bandage on.. the third being my tattoo once the bandage was off.. and the last being my most current picture. It is especially obviously around the “K”.. there’s like a bleeding kind of look around it almost as if the ink just spread out underneath? I’m not sure and I know it could be so much worse but I just want some insight on what it is and maybe what I could do? I was thinking maybe just waiting and seeing how it continues to heal or to going back (not anytime too soon) and getting the lines a bit bolder (I really don’t want to have to 😕) The most recent picture is the one that the background is all black *** Thanks!