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  1. Just saw all these replies! I wound up going to class with a super loose-legged short (generally not what I wear to class) and it was fine! I didn't take much time off, but it's been healing just fine. (Still tiny peeling flakes after almost 3 weeks, though, and I'm ready for it to be done peeling!) Dan, I healed two of my previous smaller ones with Saniderm and it was life changing to not have to moisturize constantly or worry about friction against them! My artist this time (same shop as the other two) didn't feel comfortable wet healing my piece with Saniderm due to the size of it in relation to the size of the Saniderm sheet they had there, which was a real bummer. Would've made my life so much easier! (Normally I would've just thrown caution to the wind & wet healed it myself, but the Saniderm/Tegaderm sheets I had at home were too small for my piece.)
  2. First post here! Just got an incredible piece done on my outer thigh last night -- my largest (and most expensive 💸) and also my first custom piece! (All of my other ones are things I've brought, and are 3"x3" or smaller.) This one is roughly 10"x7", stretching from below my hip joint to a few inches above my knee on the outside of my thigh. My artist did not opt for a wet heal with Saniderm, as it wouldn't cover the full area. I've healed this way before for two of my other tattoos, and wet healed with Saniderm on the third. That being said, all of the other ones are on my arms/sternum in places that don't see a lot of friction or abrasiveness, and were also done during warmer months where clothing rubbing against the tattoo wasn't an issue. Because it's cold out now and my ink is in a place where clothing rubs against it, here's my predicament: Going to a group fitness class on Monday, roughly 82 hours post-inking. The class involves running, boxing, and weights, but my tattoo will not be in direct contact with any of the equipment or other be touched by anyone (i.e. no partner-based exercises where someone else could be touching it), and my leg does not sweat in that area. I'm highly aware of not touching it during the class after touching any of the equipment, even if it's sanitized after every class. It will be cleaned & moisturized prior to class, and also after. The plan right now is to wear shorts to avoid friction on the tattoo, but based on placement, it won't be completely avoidable. For a ~50 minute class, what's the BEST way to protect a portion of it from friction under the part of my shorts that will be covering it? Non-stick gauze taped on? Hiking up that one leg of my shorts high enough (it's possible). Am I able to layer two to three pieces of Saniderm the night before so it's covered for the next day? I just worry about the adhesive, as I wouldn't need to leave the Saniderm on after that day since it's already a few days into the healing. First time healing anything this big with that kind of placement! Thanks for any input!