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  1. I agree I am too paranoid for the process I think, If I ever do get another it will be a minute.
  2. I guess the hurry is I just wanna like it cause it’s on me. I know once it’s fixed I’ll like it. And the reason I wasn’t trying to get the whole thing redone is cause the place meant makes sleeping uncomfortable, I can’t wear bras...I guess I just wish it would have healed right the first time 😔
  3. They gotta go over the whole thing?? I was hoping just the one part 😔. Another month???? Gosh. Will it heal quicker this time around?
  4. So y’all have been telling me to wait so I waited... it’s been 4 weeks. Still didn’t fill in so I gonna get a touch up I think... will the touch up fix it? One side is good and the other ink not there. Hasn’t been peeling since forever.
  5. I guess I’m jumping the gun but the difference in the way the sides look is quite alarming to me.
  6. So it’s been two weeks and the spots have not filled in. That tattoo is basically healed an no longer peeling. I was wondering if this is due to scaring or ink fall out? I was extremely careful!!! The other side looks fine. I plan on contacting my artist Sunday
  7. I know it’s just hard ☹️...if it was patchy would this be an easy touch up?
  8. Hi I got my first tattoo about a week ago. Today is actually day 7 and one side looks darker than the one side looks like it’s healing good but the other where the scab feel off is pink 🥺. Will the ink be patchy there. I was super careful didn’t even stretch my arm or sleep on it the bottom was before the scab fell off