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  1. Hi, I got my first tattoo on my ribs actually twice cause it had to get touched up and he went over the whole thing. It doesn’t hurt that bad really only feel it in a few spots. Also I would just make sure you are in a comfortable position mine kinda wasn’t just let him put me how he wanted...was hard to keep balance. Another good thing about ribs is it’s almost always covered. Gives you time to warm up to the idea you are tatted and become comfortable with showing it as you please. You should definitely go for it
  2. Maybe it’s just me because I’m a newbie but it doesn’t look faded just set in the skin now. The color is still very vibrant just looks like it has the healed layer of skin over it now. I was up so I wanted to answer I’m sure the vets will be better help tho.
  3. That is very possible. Do you think it will go away?
  4. Also it doesn’t itch at all. It’s not like the tattoo is in that itchy peely stage when I moistures with light aquaphor it looks fine.
  5. Hi, So this is day 13 of my tattoo healing after a touch up. This time my artist used fixaderm so it would heal better. It worked good didn’t scab or anything. I took it off on day 5. After a few days I notice the area were the bondage was started to peel and this included on the tattoo. I thought maybe normal peeling. But now day 13 still very scaly skin where the bandage was and it’s not just on the tattoo it’s the whole area where the bandage was. It’s not peeling off like a normal tattoo either..the skin remains scaly/textured. I think I’m having an allergic reaction to the bondage or ma
  6. Thank you for letting me know, this is very helpful ❤️. Yeah I know that’s why some ppl don’t like aquaphor but my dry skin really soaks it up so not as a sticky on me. I will keep the Aveeno in mine!!! I used lubiderm the first heal...off of recommendation and I think it dried out too quick.
  7. Hi, So I got my tattoo touched up on Sunday and My tattoo artist put fixaderm I think or some derm on it and told me to take it off after 4 full days. So I would take it off tmmw. He said to wash it and put lotion on it after. But the thing is I have really dry skin and normally use aquaphor on the rest of my body...it’s the only thing that keeps my skin from being dry. I was wondering would it be bad if I used aquaphor instead of lotion. I know you usually use aquaphor the first 3 days though.
  8. I agree I am too paranoid for the process I think, If I ever do get another it will be a minute.
  9. I guess the hurry is I just wanna like it cause it’s on me. I know once it’s fixed I’ll like it. And the reason I wasn’t trying to get the whole thing redone is cause the place meant makes sleeping uncomfortable, I can’t wear bras...I guess I just wish it would have healed right the first time 😔
  10. They gotta go over the whole thing?? I was hoping just the one part 😔. Another month???? Gosh. Will it heal quicker this time around?
  11. So y’all have been telling me to wait so I waited... it’s been 4 weeks. Still didn’t fill in so I gonna get a touch up I think... will the touch up fix it? One side is good and the other ink not there. Hasn’t been peeling since forever.
  12. I guess I’m jumping the gun but the difference in the way the sides look is quite alarming to me.
  13. So it’s been two weeks and the spots have not filled in. That tattoo is basically healed an no longer peeling. I was wondering if this is due to scaring or ink fall out? I was extremely careful!!! The other side looks fine. I plan on contacting my artist Sunday
  14. I know it’s just hard ☹️...if it was patchy would this be an easy touch up?
  15. Hi I got my first tattoo about a week ago. Today is actually day 7 and one side looks darker than the other...like one side looks like it’s healing good but the other where the scab feel off is pink 🥺. Will the ink be patchy there. I was super careful didn’t even stretch my arm or sleep on it the bottom was before the scab fell off
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