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    38 year old mom, 4 tattoos total, one is covered up, 1 needs a cover up and 1 is healing funky.
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  1. Well I’ll definitely not use Cetaphil again. Aveeno was also recommended, so was unscented lubriderm. I use Cerave unscented lotion on it now with no complaints.
  2. Hey, good question re-scented lotion. No, I used a new bottle of Cetaphil lotion which was a recommended lotion from the tattooist. I switched to aquaphor a bit after it was stinging. Then basically let it air dry out once I was on the antibiotic. Just bad luck for me, it healed up nicely though, no scarring or touch ups needed.
  3. Hmmm, everyone heals differently but if it’s swelling and hot, I’d go to the doctor.
  4. Considering how awful it looked, it’s healing so nicely now. Time heals all ❤️ Tattoo is 17 days old now. I highly recommend going to the dr right away if you think something weird is going on.
  5. Good news, the antibiotics are done as of yesterday (7 days of 500 mg Kephlax 3x a day). Today’s pic is day 10 after the tattoo and day 8 after starting antibiotics). The tattoo looks like it’ll be ok 🤞🙏 once it got infected I stopped putting anything on it and washed 2x a day, letting it air dry. I did cover loosely it at night and if it was oozing with nonstick pads. just sharing in case anyone else had a similar issue.
  6. I just had my kid's birth month flowers tattooed on my forearm. My son was born in November so his flower is a chrysanthemum and my daughter was born in February which are violets. A guy a know has a tree on his forearm with family members' names tattooed on the trunk. Pick something you'd like and think how you could use it to represent your family, that's how I came up with the floral idea. You could also consider the Chinese or regular Zodiac. My son and husband are both dragons so a dragon was in consideration. My parent's are apple farmers, on my back I have a blooming branch of apple blossoms with an apple coddling moth that my dad sprays for as it's a pest, lol.
  7. This ^^^ a good artist should be able to design elements to add to your existing tattoo
  8. Oh that’s makes me nervous that I might scratch a puffed up section off because it’s sooo itchy. I can control myself when I’m awake but asleep all bets are off 😂 I’m using nonstick pads with that breathable athletic wrap over it really loosely. Then remove it in the morning in the shower so I don’t pull anything off.
  9. I wonder if you could add the wolf’s body to the head? Maybe some mountains/trees?
  10. Day 7 after tattoo day 5 antibiotics tattoo is finally starting to dry out and look normalish. Definitely glad I started the oral antibiotics when I did. I’m not putting anything on it other than a bandage when I sleep so I don’t accidentally bump or scratch it. There’s still lots of puffy, blistery areas but I can also see some lines flattening out.
  11. Dry heal would be just to wash it 2x a day and do nothing else right? Just to double check. Fingers are crossed it heals ok.
  12. How did this end up healing? My day 6 tattoo is looking like this, though it's more like blisters then scabs. Did you put anything on yours.
  13. Thanks, I appreciate it. I’ll update in case anyone else goes through something like this. Today is day 6 post tattoo, day 4 of antibiotics and it quit oozing. I’m not putting anything on it. Not sure it I should to help it not scar? The entire tattoo feels tight and fluid filled like a blister. Still hurts to use my arm.
  14. Doctor said anytime you have an open wound, you can get an infection. People can get cellulitis from bug bites. So the tattoo is basically an open wound and it got infected. He also said that tattoos on extremities can get more inflamed than on the torso. And that I was dealing with inflammation plus cellulitis. Can't say for sure what caused it (me or the shop). Artist said she followed the same set up as other tattoos and that my tattoo was the first time she's had an issue. I did follow the artist's aftercare which was different from my other tats. In that I didn't leave the first bandage on overnight, and used lotion rather than A&D or Aquaphor. The lotion really stung (I used a new bottle of Cetaphil). I'm thinking I just had really bad luck. Or that it was overworked causing the inflammation that set me up for an infection...
  15. I think my healing and edema is due to the cellulitis infection. Not the ink. As I have 3 other tattoos and no issues even with red ink. Today it's not oozing plasma so I just washed it and am letting it air out without a bandage. It still looks like it did on day five without oozing plasma. Very raised and full, puffy lines. Today is day 4 of antibiotics, I have a 7 day course. If it doesn't go down more I plan to revisit the doctor in case the infection isn't responding to the meds. The artist did say that the lines are "heavily worked." And that I'll probably not scar but will probably need a touch up. Which I'm not so sure about at this point considering this reaction I'm having.
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