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  1. I'd like to incorporate the sound wave of a few of my family members short loving messages to me. I'd like them to be well incorporated so you can't necessarily tell they're sound waves. Anybody have any ideas what kind of image(s) I could use that would work with this? I've been looking at a ton of tattoos online and struggling to come up with anything good.
  2. I do like what the enso represents but I also want it to look aesthetically pleasing and to go along with future tattoos I plan on getting
  3. One of my ideas for a tattoo involve the enso symbol. It's basically a unclosed circle that looks like it was painted on with a paintbrush in one stroke. Maybe it's just my eye but does it tend to look odd when a tattoo has a hard circular outline like that? Would it look better if it weren't an isolated tattoo and there were other tattoos around/near it? Something about it just looks weird to me, I can't quite put my finger on it, maybe it's because this hard outline makes it look very separate? I have a few ideas for tattoos I want so I'm not sure if putting another ta
  4. okk I realized maybe I shouldn't have asked for ideas. What would serve me better is to ask where do you guys go to for inspiration to come up with your tattoo ideas? I've been doing a ton of searching around the internet but looking to search some things I likely wouldn't come up with. Anything is appreciated!
  5. Love this response Thanks!
  6. Trying to flesh out an idea I have for my next tattoo but I'm struggling a bit. I'd like to get something that represents/symbolizes unity, loyalty, family, love. Any single one of those or combination of them. If anybody could throw out some ideas I'd really appreciate it!
  7. I wasn't blaming the artist I just meant I'm a little disappointed that when we came to the finale size nobody said hey dude this is probably going to be illegible in a few years, you should go bigger, especially since we had talked about size and blurring. Too late now! At least it'll look cool for a few years
  8. Damn - really? I went to a really reputable place and a very well known artist did it. We talked about size and aging and I said I trusted their judgement when it came to that since it was my first...
  9. Is it possible to cover text with slightly larger and slightly bolder text? I just got my first tattoo and it's slightly lower than it probably should have been. I guess I didn't look closely enough when the stencil was on, I was a little nervous and intimidated by the whole thing and just checked kind of quickly. Not the end of the world but a little upset I fucked up like this. Maybe it's just in my head/my eye? I drew on the picture where I think it should ha
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