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  1. The design is a symbol that looks just like that, so the actual design shouldn't be too relevant as that's what I wanted to get. This one here: The inspiration tattoo is just that symbol with half of it as a sketch and half without, and it does look quite similar to the original, but the result that I got looks extremely unprofessional in my opinion. No idea what to do with it to fix it tbh. I was thinking if maybe increasing the design of the sketch with a different artist, especially the round lines, could make it look a bit more symmetrical, as the main issue is the interio
  2. Hey everyone, I just got a new tattoo a few days ago and I'm not happy at all with the result. I had done another tattoo before with this artist so I'm quite disappointed with what I got. I understand it could be worst, but I feel that the tattoo is quite asymmetrical and not what I was expecting, which really annoys me considering it will be there forever. The original design had the shape of a circle with half of it as a sketch. I feel that the sketch part is not asymmetrical at all to the other part, which kinda bothers me. Also the lines of the sketch and the outline in general l
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