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  1. AEG

    Having anxiety

    Thank you, I have more work pending to wrap around my forearm.
  2. AEG

    Having anxiety

    Was going to post a different picture got self conscious 😛 pic is back up.
  3. AEG

    Having anxiety

    Hi all, Here is a pic of semi healed. It is still pretty dry. Just wanted to get your thoughts. I don’t know if my mind is still playing tricks on me and I’m over analyzing still. Kind words are appreciated.
  4. AEG

    Having anxiety

    Thanks for your insight! Glad to know it gets better.
  5. AEG

    Having anxiety

    Thank you for your kind words!
  6. AEG

    Having anxiety

    Thank you. After reading some other posts I do see it is very common. It's just very overwhelming. I find myself comparing to other tattoos and not wanting to go back to finish my appointment. I guess my main concern is that it does look good and is good work? or if I am just over analyzing everything. Thanks for your thoughts!
  7. AEG

    Having anxiety

    Thank you for your kind words and insight. I really appreciate it. At this point I look at other women with sleeves and think it looks so beautiful and on me it looks so foreign. I guess I just need to appreciate and get used to looking at it on my body. Thanks again!
  8. Hi there, I am experiencing this. I noticed you posted this in 2018. Has anything gotten better? Did you end up going through the removal process?
  9. AEG

    Having anxiety

    Hi all, I am new to the site. Not new to tattoos I have had 3 before my large sleeve piece. I started the first half of my sleeve and was in love and just started on the bottom half. I love the design and concept but am having anxiety and panic attacks when looking at it. I don’t know if it is the shock since my other tattoos are covered easily and also now the sleeve is covering my whole arm. I just had work done a couple day’s ago and my bicep is healed since October. I just feel now I am analyzing every aspect of my tattoo and also the bottom half is darker which I know has to go through the healing process and will eventually be similar to the top. I also have no exposed this tattoo to my job at all and I am feeling anxiety about what people will be thinking, my friends, family and boyfriend say they love it but I am all of the sudden feeling overwhelmed with my decision. I have wanted a sleeve since my early twenties (I am now 27). I have always wanted this concept and design since the begining so I feel I have thought about it for a long time and I feel disappointed in myself for having so much regret. I feel my family, friends and boyfriend are just saying they love it because they love me and don’t want to hurt my feelings. I have more work to be done but I feel I am constantly analyzing and critiquing the work and I did not feel that way after my first session. I have been reading other posts here and just thought I could get some insight and ask if others have gotten over this. Please let me know what you think. thank you.