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  1. Sami

    Post tattoo anxiety

    I think you're right, my expectations may have been too high, but now some initial time has passed and my feelings towards it have become a lot more positive! Thank you for your kind advice.
  2. Sami

    Post tattoo anxiety

    Thank you! And it's very relieving to hear I'm not the only one.
  3. So I've got my first tattoo this week. I've been sitting on the idea of one for almost a decade and wanted the same design (which has sentimental value) for the last three years. I provided the tattoo artist with plenty of reference material however the tattoo that they presented wasn't quite the same style and although I thought it looked awesome at the time, there are certain parts I'm not so sure about and I'm now freaking out about how it's with me forever. I have to be clear and admit anxiety has always been an issue for me, I just never expected to be second guessing something I was once so sure about. Is this normal? Do others also feel some sort of regret lurking at the back of their minds until it passes? Any response will be greatly appreciated.