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  1. I had probably just over 20 sessions. Had a big bright traditional piece on my neck and its pretty much fully gone apart from a few sections.
  2. Done by Paul O'Rourke at Corazon Tattoo.
  3. Cool piece mate, very solid outline! I am from the UK but currently based in Malta. Happy to travel anywhere in Europe really.
  4. I could yes, just interested to know of more artists that offer this kind of work because I find it quite hard to find.
  5. Hows it looking mate? I also had my neck lasered, not nice!
  6. Hi guys, I haven't been tattooed in over 5 years and recently had my chest covered (photo attached) which I love and I now have the tattoo bug again! I would like some help in searching for american traditional artists. I am looking for traditional artists that use colour but with a fair amount of black. My favourite artists of this style would be Paul Dobleman and Joe Ellis. Do you guys know anymore located in Europe? Any suggestions greatly welcome!