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  1. Thanks so much guys, that’s pretty helpful. It’s great that you found these artists in Montreal for me too, I really appreciate that. I’ll go to the shop you just posted and see what they can do.
  2. That’s reassuring. The question is, what do I cover it with?
  3. I live in Montreal. The tattoo artist I consulted said it would be impossible to cover with another tattoo but that she could make them black and grey at least. Unfortunately, I researched that and most people say that that’s impossible.
  4. Sure thing. The reason I joined this forum is actually because I wanna find something to cover both of these up completely, or at the very least make them look less like an ed Hardy shirt. Please let me know if you have any ideas. I like anything with florals or Ancient Roman/Greek themed but I’m open to other styles too.
  5. I’m Mike and like all of you, I love body art. I’m joining this forum to get some ideas on how to build on what I already have and help you guys out too :)