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  1. Hello everybody, I've just signed up and I need advice. After five months and four sessions, my first tattoo is finally finished. Can't tell you how exhausting it all was, I had to wait two months for the last session as a little part had gotten a little infected. I also asked the tattoo artist to make changes along the way as I didn't like some of things she did ( partially because I'm OCD when it comes to details, others were objectively bad ideas). I can't show you other pictures right now cause it's peeling atm, this one was taken two days after the last session. I might have to go back to have some little touch-ups ( the color didn't stick in some parts). I'm just so tired, but the worst thing is that I don't even know how I really feel about it. I get anxious every night about it and can't stop thinking, I don't know if it's because I'm not completely happy with the tattoo itself. I always ask myself: could it have been done better had I chosen another design or artist? The artist is experienced and the parlour is one of the most expensive in Rome, but I freak out over things. Like the fact she has put other amazing works of her on her instagram page, but not mine. It is also possible that I'm happy with the piece but not comfortable with the idea of having it on my body. I decided to get it and just got it in like two weeks, knowing that I would have changed my mind if had started overthinking. I am also worried about how my clients might change their opinion about me ( I'm an English teacher and I deal with all sorts of professionals, lawyers, doctors, etc...).