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  1. Zer0

    Hello Again!

    You know, while I was getting tattoed we spoke about the full sleeve, since I've started with the idea to get it done (not in a short amount of time because due work my week is full) and he just said something about the druid girl. But we haven't any conversation about it anymore so it was kinda a flash instead of something wanted. Then here COVID-19 came and we used to stay in lockdown per 2 months and just now tattoo studios opened (like one/2months ago) and I have to find a window of time where I can contact him. So basically nothing has started yet :) This is w
  2. Zer0

    Hello Again!

    You got me wrong actually. He didn't mean that he doesn't want to tattoo what do I want. As long as I said "Woman portrait" he joked about the one with the head dress but I never wanted it LOL. It was a mistake by me writing down that sentence in that way, I apologize for that (my english is not good so yeah, here we go.). Thank you about the 10 posts.
  3. Zer0

    Hello Again!

    Hi guys! I'm here initiating again. Since I'm allowed to start a new thread only in this section here I am. So basically I got tattoed for the first time 8 months ago, I've posted my healing tattoo process and everything went fine (thanks to some advices I found here too). Now, I'm thinking to continue my first tattoo adding some more stuff (I would love to have my full sleeve tattoed), so the next step will be... the shoulder! I would love to get a tattoo that remind me of nature, forest and other stuff like that, continuing toward realism style. I wasn thinking on a wom
  4. So basically I have to keep it hydratated, no matter if it is healed or no. Thank you :)
  5. Hello guys, basically I need some advices about tattoo healing. I know it would take even a month in order to heal properly but I need some tips. Now it's been 13 days since I got my tattoo, it used to peel and everything flaked away. My tattooer said to use the aftercare cream for about 7/10 days and keep it clean by using neutral soap and water. Now the tattoo seems fine, I have only 2 little scabs in wolf's eyes and some more peeling skin on the wrist. Should I continue using the after cream? (Using the "Eucerin Aquaphor" actually). Or I should just wash it with soap a
  6. I'm newbie so my words might count as nothing. I got, as you know, my first tattoo a week ago. I waited for it atleast a year. My mom always told me "Don't you dare getting tattoed, I will cut your arm if I see you", then I found a job, I've earned money, and I become independent. Then I started reading stuff about tattoes, watched many guides/videos about tattoo care, performances etc. I litterally found a wonderful world, which means a lot to me. After a year of studying, research and interest I thought "now I'm ready", so I booked a session, choosing the tattoo studio based
  7. Honestly, as far as I know it looks pretty solid. I could not imagine it without any black around. I mean, it is a cool piece, without this background the white wolf could not be so cool to watch. A week ago I got my forearm tattoed too with a wolf, and the artist just did an absolute masterpiece. He hasn't told me that he wanted to use that much black, but he just went straight. The result is simply amazing, now that it is healing the wolf is like a pencil draw, and the black around gives prominence to the wolf face. Anyway, as the others said, just deal with it, I guess you will l
  8. I'm currently at the 7th day of healing, after three days my tattoo started to spread heat and after four days it started to peel and scab a bit. Luckily it wasn't infected. Now is quite better, everything start to flake away. The first picture is about 2 days ago, the second one is today, after taking a short shower most of the greater scab just flake away without any "color problem" . Since is my first tatto, can I ask if everething is truely "normal"? :') The higher part used to be lighter from the beginning, I guess the artist hasn't finished it properly, I will fix it soon I guess
  9. Hello TLST! I'm Fabrizio, 21yrs old. I live in Italy and it's a pleasure to be part of this forum. I've just subscribed here but I read many topics before getting my first tattoo. Now it passed a week since I've done my forearm tattoo and It is healing properly (I guess LMAO). I will get more tattoo in the future, for sure I will continue my arm. Here it is my tattoo. This was like 3 days after, now it is peeling and it is ugly to see 😌 Lately I will post how the tattoo is after this week :) Thank you for any further help/advice. It's a pleasure to be a member here :)
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