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  1. You would think so! I only signed up a couple days ago! I have read only a few threads but find it clear to see the same 2-3 hostile people on every single one. A real shame really as some threads do contain so solid info but, some newer members like myself get instant attitude and avoidance to actually answer questions asked.
  2. Mate, that tattoo looks cool as! It is a little shocking at the start as it appears so much darker while healing up, I’m sure you will love it once it’s settled as it is a nice looking tat mate. Also definitely don’t worry about what others think, it’s a tattoo for YOU nobody else. Don't listen to the “vets” on here, they are proper bell ends who just bitch rather than offering help, advice or kind worlds of reassurance.
  3. It’s on the top of my forearm, the top side of my palm side. It’s weird as it didn’t react straight away. I am not a tattoo vet so I am a little worried, it doesn’t hurt and I’ve had no symptoms of it was an infection. No puss, no illness etc. it just seems to dry up peel and dry up and peel over a few days. In short I’m having a sleeve so back every 2-3 weeks when a slot is open. My artist isn’t worried about it and wants to wait it out, as I’m back so often I haven’t had time to go for a check up and as I’ve not been poorly I didn’t feel the need? Should I?
  4. Lmao, good guy! I asked for help described what I thought and you come all “know it all” all because you “have more tats than me” behave. 1 hour or 100 hrs is the same. Anyway if someone has had this sort of issue I’d appreciate your input, not a cock measuring contest, just genuine advice. like I say after tomorrow I will go to the docs to see if it’s something bad!? After so long and no symptoms I assumed I was ok health wise.
  5. It didn’t flare up for a couple weeks, I’ve been back every two or so weeks and as I didn’t get or feel Bad I assumed it was some sort of reaction? That was my first tattoo of a arm sleeve, I’m about 50% done now so will have a check up after tomorrow, I’ve heard anti biotic drugs don’t agree with tattoos so sort of held off going.
  6. Ok calm down, I wasn’t saying you were right or wrong. The easiest answer is see a doctor or it’s an infection, I just wanted something a little more educated than that that’s all.
  7. I’m back in the chair tomorrow so can’t really find the time anytime soon. If it was some sort of infection I assume I would know by now with it being 7-8 weeks ish
  8. Any ideas here? This line has gone red, raised and keeps drying up! It was done about 8-9 weeks ago and went like this about 6-7 weeks ago, it just won’t fully heal! My artist has done lots more work on and around that area without any reactions since but doesn’t want to touch this section till it’s healed, it’s been ages though!