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  1. Don‘t you think lasering it one time to make it a little lighter would make it better? I‘ll have to wait for it to heal anyways, if I don‘t like it completely after a month or so I‘ll think about that, but maybe until than I need to get used to it! thank you!
  2. Hi! 7 days ago I got a tattoo done I really wanted, but now I feel like it doesn‘t suit me, and I don‘t know why. Is it too dark for my figure? I‘m really panicing and thinking about getting it lightened up with a laser (the cat was supposed to be black, but the tattoo got bigger than i imagined, because of all the details and now i feel like it‘s a little much). How do you feel about the tattoo, or what do you think I could do to make it feel a little bit more easy breezy and more fitting for a petite woman like me. Do you think the only option is to lighten it with a laser? Am I overthinking? Will the skull get lighter in the next month?