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  1. Thanks I appreciate your feedback. I don’t want seem like I’m not understanding of the situation, just frustrated at it. I’ll wait and hope for a reply from the artist.
  2. So I just wait to be contacted and not show on the day I was given. I realize people are sick, but I was inconvenienced by losing a day of work. If I would have canceled my deposit would have been lost. I’m out the day of work, out the deposit so far, have half a tattoo and no confirmed appointment. Seems like terrible service.
  3. My artist canceled my appointment, this was an artist that did three tattoos for me. The latest appointment was to complete my third tattoo. I received an email a few hours prior to my appointment that the artist was not feeling well. I was upset because I took off work for this appointment and my day was wasted. If I would have canceled my deposit would have been lost. The artist mentioned a date for rescheduling but no time. I have sent several emails and have not heard back. The shop does not have a phone number and I can only contact my artist via email. It has been several days and my supposed appointment is approaching. I’m at a loss on what to do. Any advice would be helpful.