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  1. Hey, my name is Thomas and I’m from the uk. I got a pretty big tattoo on my arm on Wednesday (4th March). Took 7 hours to complete. Once it was finished the artist wrapped the tattoo for me and I went home. I left it wrapped for maybe half an hour then washed it with some like warm water and antibacterial soap. Then waited till it dried and re-wrapped it. Went to bed, woke up the next day and found my tattoo was leaking ink and plasma pretty heavily (or at least it looked pretty heavy). So I washed it again and put some Bepanthen on it. Never wrapped it and haven’t wrapped it since. It’s been red, swollen and pretty warm since I got it and yesterday I noticed it had started bubbling and some of the scabbing has fallen off. I don’t know if it’s infected or if I have f***ed my tattoo up. Was wondering if anyone could maybe tell me their opinion.