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  1. How can I prevent this from blowing our further. First pic is almost fresh from February second pic is today
  2. The same artist that did my leg flowers. Original birdcage was done by a different guy
  3. Thanks! It looks so much better than the orginal. I can see more of the old cafe as this one heals but it still looks overall better so I don’t even mind lol
  4. Old one can still be seen through it but it looks better than it did
  5. Do you think it could still be dainty even if the cover is dark?
  6. I posted a few months ago. Due to the quarantine I haven’t been able to get a cover up done, but I’ve been thinking about different ideas. I don’t like how the birdcage turned out, but I’m thinking of working around it and partially covering it up. (and having it cleaned up a bit) Hopefully by putting a larger bird in front sitting on leaves or a branch and having the birdcage in the background to symbolize the bird still escaping the cage. Do you think it’d look ok or should I just cover the whole thing up?
  7. do you think itd be able to be covered up
  8. he said it healed poorly due to the way i moved while it was healing 🙄
  9. why 😞 she said it’d be easy to cover
  10. Hello! I’ve wanted a birdcage tattoo for about ten years and I finally did it last month! However, it started blowing out the next day and the lines healed very crooked. I went back to see what he could do to fix it and he said outlining it in white ink would help 😕 I don’t like it. I had some flowers tattooed on my ankle last week and she did a great job! No blow outs or anything. I asked about cover up options and she said it was possible to cover it up and it’d be easy since it was small! What do you guys think?? We’re thinking of covering up the old one with a flower/leaves and adding a new birdcage beside it.
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