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  1. I got one tattoo before swimming and one after the swimming... and i thought lets get another one... so both are healing more or less the same ...
  2. I know time will tell how it plays about the color or faded ... im more worried about infections and stuff... today is 7th day now... if there are no infections till now should i still be worried?
  3. Hello, same is the case with me... i got a new tattoo and went in to the pool right after 1 hour of getting my tattoo... ive heard casually before that you cant swim and shit but i asked the artist and he clearly said no problem, dont worry. But later when my friends found out .. they were quite worried and had me worried too... its 7 days old now ... looks fine to me ... all the routine scabbing and occasional itch. But i would really like a suggestion, should i do something about it ... and yesterday my elbow muscles started hurting... my tattoo is on my FOREARM ... it all just connected and im shit scarred right now .. if anyone has any suggestions please.. and very politely NOW I KNOW SWIMMING IS A NO NO!!! please i dont need to know that any further ... just a suggestion what to do NOW. thanks in advance
  4. Hi everyone, thank you for the aggressive msgs...it happened. Now my question is, is there anything to worry about? should i do something to prevent something bad from happening to my tattoos. i shared a photo with it... would any of you answer a sensible enough answer rather than saying whos a real artist and if i dont get it...
  5. Hello, 6 days ago i got a tattoo on my forearm, the artist told me to keep the bandage on just for 30 mins… and then i asked him if i can go to the beach or the pool… to which he said yes i can do whatever… i repeatedly asked if i can go in the pool…and he repeatedly told me that i can… and i went in the pool after 1 hour of getting a tattoo… I am just worried now that would my tattoo be ok? would it fade out quickly or any other issues with it. I got another tattoo right after 6 hours of my first tattoo… both are healing more or less the same… 1st one is scabbing a bit more as it has a thick ZEN circle … the 2nd tattoo is just a line tattoo. Can you guys ease my paranoia with truth please.