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  1. Yes it was really itchy I have been prescribed some steroid cream from the doctor which I have been using for around 4 days and the bumps have all gone now just a few little red ones left so hopefully that has cleared it up
  2. No I haven’t tried that. I will have a search now. Thank you
  3. Hi I am looking for some advice please. I got this tattoo on my leg as it is part of a leg sleeve about 4 weeks ago, seemed to be healing well at first but then after a week or so I noticed raised bumps on my skin, I have loads of tattoos and this has never happened before went to the same guy who always tattoos me just wondering what it could be as I have asked him and he is not sure. I have had antibiotics and used hydrocortisone cream as advised by the doctor and that doesn’t seemed to have helped at all Any help would be greatly appreciated 😊