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  1. Eckel
  2. I just had a deer skull and cobra tattoo started by Chris O'Donnell. It takes up my whole lower right leg. Third snake tattoo. You can never have too many.
  3. Thanks guys!! and a special thanks to Chris O'Donnell. "He spits hot fire."
  4. Thanks guys. The best part is I can keep getting more work done by him. More good stuff to come without waiting years.
  5. This journey is finally complete...just a little bloody. By Chris O'Donnell
  6. Yeah, that's me. Two more sessions and it should be completed. Then on to the next piece.
  7. I would seriously reconsider using this stuff. I talked to a tattoo artist that’s doing my backpiece about this and the ink doesn't take that well. It also disrupts the healing process. He told me he can tell when someone uses this stuff even if they don't tell him. Just man up and take the pain. It’s part of the journey towards something truly awesome.
  8. You can't go wrong with Grez. I have 4 tattoos from him one was a rework from black and gray to color.
  9. Right now I plan on keeping it without a background, but that may change down the road.
  10. Yeah, that tiger and snake backpiece belongs to me. I have another session coming up this Monday.
  11. You should get a cat with a hawk tattoo on it.
  12. ..."Tatooed people belong in a circus like they used to be." Well, this made me laugh. When I was a kid I always thought the circus was awesome and still do.
  13. Your wish can come true, but don't sleep on it.
  14. Yeah that's me. He couldn't get the panther and tiger to work well so he drew the tiger fighting a snake. I'm really really really happy the way it turned out and I also got to take a look at his book. It's incredibly awesome and he hasn't started tattooing out of it yet, he wants to wait until it's completely full.