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  1. @SStu Thanks dude! That spot sucked but was well worth it! He's a great guy to boot!
  2. @SStu I post most of them on my IG, @hellomegaphone. Some aren't on there but i can always try and take photos of any in particular!
  3. I'll play! Peter Lagergren - Malmo, SWE Zooki - Copenhagen, DEN Bradley Tompkins - London, UK Xam Asuncion - London, UK Gordon Combs - Portland, OR Gregg Letron - Portland, OR Marc Nava - Costa Mesa, CA Matt Cannon - Anaheim, CA Kyle Crowell - Anaheim, CA Ross K. Jones - San Francisco, CA Jonathan Montalvo - San Francisco, CA Adam Warmerdam - Los Angeles, CA Aaron Coleman - Mesa, AZ Graham Beech - Charlotte, NC Grez - NYC, NY Ryan Gagne - Calgary, AB Franz Stefanik - Toronto, ON JF Bourbon - Montreal, QC Matthew Houston - Vancouver, BC Was booked in to see Ash Hickman in London and to start my back with Jason Phillips in Oakland but this stupid virus pushed those back to god knows when 😞
  4. Don't overthink it man. Just get something simple that will remind you of what you want it to every time you look at it. Something like this with a similar colour palette to the one you have.
  5. I think you should cover it up with a giant eagle.
  6. A lot of it probably has to do with you not being used to it. It's new, filling a space that was open before, so it stands out. Doesn't take long to get used to it 🙂