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  1. Thanks your your content SStu, I will try to speak with them, I need to personalize the idea (I want change the astronaut for me with my backpack, can be fun!) My first option is Viviana, and I don’t know the second... I hope they use a good ink brand. thanks again!
  2. Thanks Alex! Vivivana has booking closed. I will try to speak with her about the idea. 2 or 4 like second option? Thanks!
  3. Thanks for your reply SStu! This idea (with some personalization) , aprox. 11-13cm (4.3 - 5.1in). In my arm, I dont know in which part of the arm yet. Thanks again!
  4. Hey everyone! I want to do a color tattoo soon, but I dont know nothing about tecnic, colours, and diferent ink brands. This is the design (more or less) that I want (attached image) I have four possible tattoo artist in my town, which one is your favourite for do real my idea? 1. Viviana https://instagram.com/vivianacalvotattoo?igshid=1449lo07q1afw 2.Pedro Or Die https://instagram.com/pedro_ordie?igshid=lezme6qc7rfn 3. Juanita Plata https://www.instagram.com/juanita_plata/?hl=es 4. Alex Trece https://www.instagram.com/alextrecetattoo/?hl=es Thanks a lot! And sorry for my english!! Keep safe!
  5. Jdela28


    Hello everyone, my name is Juan, I’m from Spain and sorry for my English in advance! I only have one tattoo, is a lotto flower that I made with my friends in Vietnam! Hope you can help my in my nexts tatttoos! Nice to meet you!