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  1. Appreciate it man. I don't plan on competitive bodybuilding maybe a few local shows for fun. As far as the detail goes I am aware it won't be as good as the picture. Those pictures are mostly references. I definitely want to tattoo to last and look good.
  2. I am getting a half sleeve based on the book of love and a few added things for my wife and I. I Would like to see how your tattoo turns out and what you decide! Keep us informed!
  3. I am located in Missouri USA. I am willing to go out of state. We have a few good artists in the area, but I haven't seen them do anything of this dynamic or style.
  4. Seems like it would be a sensitive area. How was it?
  5. Hello! So I knew once I got to my bodybuilding physic I would want to get tattoos all over. My wife has a ton so she was a good influence. I am doing my right arm for significant family stuff. A half sleeve for my wife and myself and already one for our future kids. My first question is are leg tattoos hard to manage as a male. I don't have terribly hairy legs, but they are hairy. Is the best option to just start shaving them and keeping them that way? Are there easy ways to manage. I am also looking for some input for the idea. I want to do a theme around nautical and aquatic mythical beasts. I would like to showcase the Leviathan and Kraken the most. Other beasts worth including would be Hyrda and Megaladon. I have some reference photos I like for this idea, but this is mostly for the style of the beast. Third how you style this? straight black and grey? Is there an artist you would recommend? My local artist is great and my wife likes them, but for something like this I might want to shop around. Thanks!
  6. Got the First one done. A Custom Mando Helm with parts of the Mando Wedding Vows, done by Dawn Moheit. Might still be healing a bit, got it less than a month ago. Head Artist Kenny is doing my next tattoo which is a half sleeve. Was suppose to start the second on Yesterday, but the artist called me and said he wasn't happy/finished with the design. Rescheduled for July 2nd, very excited.
  7. So far just one. It's finishing healing. I'll post it probably later this week. Getting a second one in a week. Bicep, shoulder piece
  8. Hello. I am new to this forum. Originally was seeking advice/collaborations for future tattoo ideas. Finally got one with my wife and I am excited to get more. I do men's physique bodybuilding and my wife is excited for me to get "tatted up". I am a teacher by day which is why it took so long to get any tattoos. Thanks to Covid my teacher status may soon be changing.