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  1. Have you had anymore sessions? Been following your progress and can’t wait to see it finished!
  2. Also, 6 years ago, the fundamentals of getting a tattoo don’t change; they itch, they hurt.. sometimes with time people forget how bad it sucks.. and bumpy? What do you mean bumpy? Filled with fluid kinda bumpy or itchy bite bumpy? I had a couple of “bumps” that went away but if we’re talking bumpy all over.. it could be a reaction to the Ink, the dressing or it could be something else... but if you’re an over thinker - me saying all of these things is probably not going to help, neither will doctor google. Give it a week, if it gets worse during that time. Go to the doctor.
  3. I don’t mean to sound rude but getting tattoos and overthinking don’t match. and a “tiny bit sore like tiny bit”.. tattoos hurt, during and after, certain parts of my sleeve hurt for two weeks and were swollen for a week at least... if you’re worried; go to a doctor, or back to the tattoo artist, none of us are able to tell you what’s right or wrong for your body.
  4. Try amazon. That’s where I got mine. Or you can purchase it directly from their website.
  5. Another thing to note; without trying to sound bias as I’m not a fan of using Bepanthen on tattoos.. If you have sensitive skin, Bepanthens ingredients can cause contact dermatitis.. and if your skin is already irritated, I would be very careful it doesn’t make it worse.
  6. Provided you don’t suffocate it with Bepanthen, given it’s a petrolatum based product, it can take longer to heal because tattoos do need air. I used aquaphor for 4-5 days because I had irritation and splitting in the inside crease of my elbow then I used hustle butter because it’s super moisturising and has natural ingredients, I swear by it.
  7. MRSA isn’t spread through air, it’s physical contact with an open wound so either 1. The tattoo shop wasn’t hygienic or 2. The bacteria was on a surface you touched before changing the dressing. I’d say it was more than likely picked up from the tattoo shop and I hope you reported to it to them.
  8. MRSA isn’t spread through air, it’s physical contact with an open wound so either 1. The tattoo shop wasn’t hygienic or 2. The bacteria was on a surface you touched before changing the dressing. I’d say it was more than likely picked up from the tattoo shop and I hope you reported to it to them.
  9. You can also buy it on Amazon. i personally use tegaderm and I think I paid $25 for 50 yards or something. It’s always good to have on hand if you plan on getting more.
  10. Kinda looks like a bad violin with no strings... or a bow?....
  11. Oooo! We need photos when you’re healed!!
  12. Normal. Just follow the directions of your artist in terms of cleaning and moisturiser. Don’t over moisturise.
  13. That’s cool, I broke in a horse when I was a lot younger. A stallion. That was a lot of fun 🙄😉. I never bothered mentioning the blow out to my artist. I’m still yet to go back and add a couple more things to it, so no doubt he’ll see it then. It’s kind of one of those things that happens, If they go too deep.. can just be a case of not adjusting the needles correctly for the type of skin it is.. my artist has been tattooing over 20 years so it’s not like he’s not experienced, it happens sometimes. I’m just grateful it’s not super noticeable 🤷🏻‍♀️ Here’s a pic of mine (you can’t see the blow out in the pic... but for reference it’s on the leaf that’s coming from the purple flower and it kinda wraps around my arm)
  14. I honestly don’t know how anyone can even remotely think that... could be due to shit aftercare. No amount of shit aftercare can attribute to terrible lines; doesn’t even look like they went deep enough AND to top it off; that much ink fall out is craziness. I’d be rockin up to where I got it done and demanding a refund; on top of that abusing the crap out of them for such a shit job. As you mentioned, at least it’s light enough to be covered up. I feel sorry for the OP but seriously. No more “pop ups”. And definitely do some research on reputable tattoo artists in your area.
  15. Some people just like to be complemented, some like reassurance, some just want a laugh. I’d say I’m one of all three 🤣
  16. Uh. You sure this was a tattoo artist and not a 13 year old kid having some fun scribbling?? No offence to you, but your artist was shithouse.
  17. At it again Hogrider 🤣🤣. God you crack me up.
  18. I’ve got a blow out on my sleeve. I kinda knew as soon as I saw it that it was, mine definitely looks like a bruise but it’s under my arm so not very noticeable. Yours is super light (so is mine) so is even if it is permanent; you’ll probably be the only one to notice it. Certain parts of your arm are more sensitive than others. My arm swelled like a puffer fish on the inside; and bruised like a mofo. Nice tat though, I love horses.
  19. Yeah. Personally I think I’d wait the 6 months ...
  20. And no disrespect toward anyone but did the dude have Parkinson’s disease or something? The lines are so shaky and crooked it’s unreal - not trying to bash you cause I’m sure you’re upset as hell but at least you know now, while there’s still time to do something with it.. rather than it being a bigger mess.
  21. This really upsets me. I’m originally from New Zealand so Polynesian and Maori tattoo designs are pretty close to my heart. I’m so sorry this guy fucked it up. I hope you find someone that can rectify his shitty work and be worn with pride & dignity. Keep us up dated with your progress.
  22. Agreed. Hustle butter smells so good it’s almost edible... not sure how good it’d taste tho 😂. I used mine over my sleeve and I haven’t even touched half the jar. Guess it’s time for more 😆
  23. I’m by no means a professional and it’s way too early to tell.. mine scabbed like yours and mine healed fine (I had tegaderm on mine)... it also flaked exactly like yours... again, mine healed fine. I did lose some ink on my elbow but I don’t think that’s due to anything other than the fact it’s hard to keep ink there for some people.... give yourself at least two-three weeks and if you need any touch ups, I’m sure your artist will be able to recommend the next course of action. Looks good tho. Really well done tattoo.
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