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  1. Snick

    Infected tattoo

    Yes I'm from the US. Thank you for letting me know, I will report this to the local health department tomorrow morning, have already been in contact with the shop letting them know what the problem is. I've cleaned everything as thorough as possible back at my house. Trying to stay strong and have a positive mindset.
  2. Snick

    Infected tattoo

    Ive been in contact with him since I first started seeing something was off! It was most likely something that I did/ didn't do because the infection looks superficial, thank god. Thank you, me too this has been an awful experience.
  3. Snick

    Infected tattoo

    A good doctor too! Had two doctors give me the incorrect medication smh, thankful for the treatment I got at the hospital. Im hoping this will be the end of it as well!
  4. Snick

    Infected tattoo

    Went to the er and they put me under observation for a night and some, ending up being ca-mrsa :(. Pumped antibiotics thru an iv and gave me oral antibiotics to take when discharged. Hoping this medication kills it! Thanks for checking up! <3
  5. Thank you for this, Im current going through an infected tattoo like this but there is a lot more pus sockets. What kind of antibiotics were you prescribed if you don't mind me asking? Thanks!
  6. Snick

    Infected tattoo

    Most likely, the first set of antibiotics were wrong and it might be too severe for sulfamethoxazole to take care of it. Hoping it's not a mrsa bacterial infection. Usually antibiotics take 24-72 hours to notice results and I'm on day 4 now. One weird thing that i've noticed as well is that the ink that is in the skin is staying but on affected areas it looks as if the outer layer of the ink is shrinking away from the tattoo.
  7. Snick

    Infected tattoo

    Thank you for your responses
  8. Snick

    Infected tattoo

    I stoped putting all moisturizer on it about a week ago. The pus is the only thing that has any sort of moisture to it on the area right now. PCP won't be able to take a culture and my derm. is all booked up until the 31st, if anything gets worse I was advised to go to the er.
  9. Snick

    Infected tattoo

    The initial sores were most likely due to the excess moisture that I had in the tattoo, a breading ground for bacteria. Its not visible through this photo but I believe the increase of redness around the area is cellulitis due to the infection. Ive been worried sick about this for the past week
  10. Hello! I got this tattoo about two weeks ago and about day 4 I woke up to it being super irritated and raised what looks like sores on some of the brown and black ink. I waited a day to see if it would go down on its own but it didn't, I went to the clinic and they prescribed me antibotics. These weren't working it was only getting worse. I waited for these antibiotics for about 5 days. I went to my pcp after that and she prescribed me sulfamethoxazole and said the recently prescribed medicine was not right. I am on day two and my tattoo has only gotten redder around some areas with not much c
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