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  1. Finally, my turkey vulture back piece is finished in just around 30 hours. Hammered out a 5 hour session yesterday to color in all the flowers/petals and some background shading. Stood up to take final photos and nearly passed out. The lower back is BRUTAL and apparently back dimples are incredibly nerve rich because those had me gasping. So glad to be done with this. I’m wondering though, if I found this to be such an incredibly painful process, can I handle having my legs done? I’ll do my other sleeve first and then probably start leg work. I feel both badass and weak! Either way I’m in love with it.
  2. 26 hours down with one session left! Spent the last session doing background shading and the whole branch. The lovehandle area had me almost tapping and *almost* in tears. A very special kind of searing pain 🌶
  3. Thanks! Just had some comments from men about it being an odd choice for a woman to put on her body lol
  4. 22 hours in! I’m in love. I know people think it’s weird a woman has a turkey vulture back piece but I’m stoked ❤️
  5. I drive 2.5 hours one way to get worked on so we do 4 hour sessions but by the end I’m DONE. I can’t imagine doing more, especially when working on the same area for an entire session.
  6. For me by far the bottom of the floating ribs has been nearly unbearable. The love handles and side ribs were actually a reprieve
  7. 4 more hours down, 16 so far. The yellow stained lots of the black and will mellow out once it peels/heals. The wings are mostly black/brown. Here's how my sessions go Hour 1: this isn't as bad as I remembered it Hour 2: uh oh, this is worse than I remembered Hour 3: Ok maybe we should stop this looks fine unfinished Hour 4: I am dying and need to stop immediately (said in my head every minute until he tells me we're done)
  8. I am actually going back tomorrow for another 4-ish hour session! Will update tomorrow evening when I am back home!!
  9. Just thought I’d share some progress on my turkey vulture back piece. Around 12 hours in and it’s coming together! This piece has really tested me mentally and physically. I just got out of Covid quarantine and my body was not at all prepared to handle a tattoo. This last 4.5 hour session was brutal. I feel like such a little baby but this back piece has been deeply painful! I love being tattooed but getting them... do not enjoy
  10. Just had my first session on my back piece 😍 covering up a couple little sticker tattoos while we’re at it. I’m in love. Work is being done by Travis Hulshizer at the green gazelle is KC MO. I can’t say enough good things about him. Turkey vultures are my favorite bird and I’ve been dreaming of a large scale piece with one in it. I told him the vaguest of ideas and he delivered this. I’m SO excited. Also holy shit the back hurts
  11. Thanks for the love and tips everyone! I'm definitely anxious for the pain aspect but I'm sure I can do it 😳 I'll be most excited when it's finished. I'm not one who enjoys the process!
  12. Hi Friends! I'm new here. In November I'll be starting a full back piece. My artist is Travis Hulshizer at The Green Gazelle in Kansas City. We wrapped up my sleeve a couple years ago and finally am ready to start my next project. It'll be a full back piece centered around a turkey vulture with feminine imagery to balance it. I'm also a VERY anxious person and am already nervous about the pain. I was able to sit for 5-6 hour sessions for my sleeve but I hear the back is pretty rough. Also, for ladies, and tips on the best way to dress for comfort and easy access to my full back? Thanks!
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