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  1. For comparison for you, the first picture was fresh on the 21st of July, the second picture is today (UK date 18th of August)
  2. Looks ok to me, I’m not an expert but tattoos never stay as crisp as the day they are done
  3. Hustle butter I like the smell
  4. Update on healing: Been a week since I’ve removed Dermalize and was a bit worried. Seems to be healing alright looking at it. The nose area where it is shaded and right side of the hat (in picture) still seems really rough to touch and it’s a lot drier then the rest of the tattoo. I’ve been washing twice a day (quick wash morning and night) and applying a small amount of hustle butter 2-3 times daily. - any tips or idea of the rough/dry patches? Forgot my hustle butter today so whilst at work I’m going to have to use a bog standard Nivea moisturiser.
  5. Yeah wait the 6 months mate, don’t rush in to getting a touch up you will regret. - He has space for a reason; Either he has a cancellation or he isn’t that sought after
  6. Really over panicked when I first used it, this forum helped put my mind at ease
  7. Completely agree but I’ve definitely seen a lot worse
  8. Don’t worry too much though mate, it isn’t that bad 🙂 I’ve seen far worse tattoos on friends of mine. I’ve only just started getting tattoos myself but people always told me if someone hasn’t got a long waiting list they aren’t in demand.
  9. Or they’ll put up work they carried out to perfection and miss out all the bad ones in between
  10. Hi guys I’ve currently got two tattoos on my lower right arm which I’ll attach below. I didn’t really have an idea for my sleeve to begin with but it has gone down the line of portrait tattoos of characters from movies I enjoy. I currently have Joaquin Phoenix from ‘Joker’ and Alex DeLarge from ‘A Clockwork Orange’. I was thinking of adding in Bill The Butcher (Daniel Day Lewis) from ‘Gangs of New York’ and The Baseballs Furies from ‘The Warriors’ all are in black and grey portrait style. I’ll attach the two current photos and the two photos of what d like to add. Any ideas or suggestions throw in them my way 🙂
  11. Yeah a lot of people have said that to me, originally I just used palmers cocoa butter but this time over panicked and bought a £20 tub of Hustle Butter which is just expensive cocoa butter aha, lesson learnt 🙂
  12. I must admit the flakes of skin that are coming off are still coming off a little bit sticky with the Dermalize that didn’t come off. Thank you all for putting my mind at ease a bit! 🙂 Here’s my other tattoo on the other side 🙂
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