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  1. Also, usually before I got to get my tattoos me and the artist have a pre-session to talk about everything and ask questions, then set up an apointment, but like I originally stated it doesn't look bad at all.
  2. I personally think the tattoo looks fine, You can put a moon like others have said and it would look awesome. Also before they tatted you up, did you see the design on your wrist, the way it would look. When I go to my artist, they usually ask me to pick the design myself, the size, what exact location I want it on, also the reasons for getting the tattoo, but I got good history with my tattoo artists, also if this is recently done, you might want to wait a while, let it heal etc, may even look better.
  3. Hello I am about to begin a journey of losing weight and have looked on various webpages to answer my question but I am still concerned. Currently I have Two wrist tattoos one script and one Ying/Yang tattoo on both hands. In addition to this I have scriptures on the inner part of my arm and I am concerned that If I lose a lot of weight, say 100 or so, which will happen gradually, no surgeries, that the letters my blend in som way and ruin the design. I don't mind having to get it retouched so it shines again, but I would be a bit sad if the artwork is ruined the tattoos are a way of expressing myself and also reminding me of certain things so they are important. The lines missing from the Ying/Yang are on purpose Ama te ipsum preimum means Love yourself first Per Aspera Ad Adastra- Through struggle or hardship we reach the stars- Also known as Ad Adastra Per Aspera- We reach the stars through Hardship, I emphasized the hardship instead of the stars Pulcher- Beaughty As you can see these are really important to me Sorry for posting this in this section but no others were avaiable to me.