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  1. Looks great! What I meant is that is it normal to go to different artists for a sleeve to look cohesive? I’ve gone to two now but the latest artists style I prefer so will stick with him! im sticking with the same theme for my sleeve! 🙂
  2. Thank you mate! Just didn’t want one looking jet black compared to the one that has gone grey… what’s your view on patchwork sleeves? I am thinking of getting main pieces and then filling in the gaps with fillers. Should I do the fillers at the end or as I go along?
  3. Hi all sorry to jump in! so I got a new tattoo by another artist onto my forearm. The Buddha one is a year old and the flowers and eye is 3 days old, which is done by someone else can someone reassure me that they will blend colour wise? One is obviously darker
  4. Hi all so I got a new tattoo by another artists to my forearm. The Buddha one is a year old and the flowers and eye is 3 days old. can someone reassure me that they will blend colour wise? in just getting worried Incase they don’t
  5. SJ94

    Tattoo cloudy

    Tattoo is looking much better now! It is now 3.5 weeks healed and I’m just wondering if the line work on the mandala as shown in the picture is looking normal? It seems to be slightly raised and still white and cloudy? Would this normally take longer to heal? Parts of the tattoo are still shiny but not as much as before!
  6. Thanks! Feel more confident now and spirits are up!
  7. I figured that after mate cheers 😂 mine is at the same stage on the 10 day...
  8. Have you got a picture of this healed now? After all the milky skin has gone?
  9. SJ94

    Tattoo healing

    So do you think it’s healing normally? Like the cloudy patches etc. ??
  10. SJ94

    Tattoo cloudy

    Does my tattoo looked scarred to you? Or do you think it’s looking normal? People have said it’s should be nearly healed by now? I’m very confused and anxious as this is a meaningful piece. ?
  11. SJ94

    Tattoo healing

    I have gotten my second tattoo 9 days ago... all scabbing has come off naturally however I now I very flaky, shiny and cloudy skin. More in some areas, is this normal? And if so, what do you guys suggest I do from now?
  12. SJ94

    Tattoo cloudy

    Thanks for the reassurance pal, just didn’t know what to expect from this tattoo as my first was just a small one which healed very quickly
  13. SJ94

    Tattoo cloudy

    Hello, I have just gotten a new tattoo. It’s been 8 days now and the scabbing has all come off naturally in the shower. Now I am seeing cloudy shiny skin after I wash it In the shower and it drys. Is this normal? Please help
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