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  1. Okay so basically, I made a post here asking how I should plan my sleeve out, but now im running into another issue and I hope you guys can help me. This is the artist https://www.instagram.com/michaelperryart/ that I wanted he did these pieces that I love. These pictures above, the tattoos are just amazing! Now the rest of his portfolio is like this with designs I dont like at all.. or... Do you guys see how dark these two images are compared to the first 4 good tattoos I liked? Given all
  2. I like him because the tattos I do like on his portfolio look better than any tattoo I found globally. As a side bonus he loved my project too!
  3. In no picture do i see poor linework or poor application, its the style he does in most of his pictures not being what I want, or in some the style in his black and grey come out very dark (I like a more lighter black and grey).
  4. I found an artist that clicks really well with me and is very interested in taking on my tattoo project... my big concern is that I only like about 3-4 photos in his portfolio and the rest are pretty "bad" to me. I have reached out to a few other artists but hes the only one who truly loved my ideas and wants to bring my dream to reality which is a plus but that I only like a few images out of his like 100+ pictures on his portfolio on instagram. Those 3-4 photos I will say look really good to me, like better than all the artists that I contacted. It just that his inconsistency to produce the
  5. Looking to find a good Black and Grey realism tattoo artist in the area of NY (willing to travel for an hour or two, perhaps more if you know someone really good) Ideally if you know someone who is good at doing mythical creatures! https://imgur.com/a/2ANaM5J In these similar art styles https://imgur.com/a/s3sSrWW
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