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  1. Thanks for the comments. Something for me to think about.
  2. Other comments from others also welcome....
  3. Thanks. I reckon my artist could do a good of making it look good and not feminine.
  4. As the title says really. Is a heart pocket watch tattoo for a guy too feminine? I had an idea of doing a regular pocket watch for my son and a heart for my daughter but wondering if a guy getting a heart pocket watch is a bit unheard off. Thinking I might be better off with 2 regular but different designs. Any ideas or comments appreciated. Thanks
  5. Hi, I am booked in for my 1st tattoo at the start of September. I like my original idea and looking forward to seeing the artists design soon. I plan to get this tattoo on upper left arm and had originally suggested from mid shoulder down to where bicep ends. The artist is fine with this but I am now wondering if i want to add more tattoos in the future, can the original be made as part of a half sleeve or would the artist want to know there is potential for a half sleeve so he could factor this in? I am undecided at the moment about a half sleeve but definitely want my original tattoo idea. The only present idea i have is getting another tattoo done on bicep then filling the rest of the arm in with shading, I dont want my arm filled up with stuff that doesn't mean anything to me. Thanks for your help in assisting this newbie.