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  1. Hi guys, My 9 month old tattoo which I believe has always been fine, now seems to be raised in one area, outline only. I'm hoping it will go back down but a bit worried this has happened. I've read a lot of different reasons why it could happen on other non tattoo forums from Google search but thought it would be best to ask guys with better knowledge. Thanks
  2. Thanks for the comments. Something for me to think about.
  3. Other comments from others also welcome....
  4. Thanks. I reckon my artist could do a good of making it look good and not feminine.
  5. As the title says really. Is a heart pocket watch tattoo for a guy too feminine? I had an idea of doing a regular pocket watch for my son and a heart for my daughter but wondering if a guy getting a heart pocket watch is a bit unheard off. Thinking I might be better off with 2 regular but different designs. Any ideas or comments appreciated. Thanks
  6. Hi, I am booked in for my 1st tattoo at the start of September. I like my original idea and looking forward to seeing the artists design soon. I plan to get this tattoo on upper left arm and had originally suggested from mid shoulder down to where bicep ends. The artist is fine with this but I am now wondering if i want to add more tattoos in the future, can the original be made as part of a half sleeve or would the artist want to know there is potential for a half sleeve so he could factor this in? I am undecided at the moment about a half sleeve but definitely want my original tattoo idea.
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