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  1. Hi there guys and girls. I'm 31 years old guy from Slovenia. Let me share my short story with you. I'm thinking about getting a tattoo for about 10 years, but I think there must be some significant meaning about tattoo you get. All those years I was thinking about what kind the motive and symbolism of the tattoo I would get and I almost decided to get a dream catcher. Few weeks ago my 23 years old brother took his own life and I think now is perfect time to get my first tattoo, to honour him. After going through his stuff in his car the first thing I noticed, was a dream catcher hanging on the mirror. I feel like that was a sign and a confirmation that a dream catcher has some significance and is the right thing to get. After talking to his girlfriend, she mentioned that they did plan to get matching lizard tattoos. And I think that a combination of a dream catcher-lizard would be a perfect combination to commemorate him by. I need help with combining those two motives to result in decent art. If anyone has will and time to present me with some ideas or sketches I would greatly appreciate it. I am adding a picture of a dream catcher and lizard motives that he and his girlfriend were considering. I would also be interested if you could point me toward some good tattoo artists in my region (Slovenia and countries close by). Thanks again taking the time.