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  1. I guess I was just a bit worried as I don't remember any of my other Tattoos healed this way. Feeling the bumpiness especially after all the peeling got me concerned I guess. I am dry healing it now. Perhaps it was me over moisturizing it but I didn't expect for it to become raised and itchy like it did.
  2. Sorry I missed your response. So I guess it looks normal in your eyes? If you do have an indication of what it could be would you have any ideas how long it'll take to simmer down? I am now letting it dry heal other than cleaning it with unscented soap and water twice a day or should I completely stop using soap as well?
  3. Was it itchy at all? What did you do to heal it and how long did it take? Thanks in advance!
  4. It's been a while since I have gotten tattooed. Probably over a decade now but I recently got a tattoo on my forearm 2 weeks ago. I now have bumps all around my tattoo and they started appearing a week and a half after the session and after 95 percent of my tattoo peeled. I used Saniderm for the first 5 days then switched to Lubiderm fragrance free since. The bumps are most noticeable on the outline since the shading is in black but there are bumps on the shading as well. Its pretty itchy but I haven't picked or scratched them yet. I attached a photo and I circled in yellow what they look like. They are all over my tattoo. Despite not being able to see them at certain angles I can definitely feel them. Anyone experience this before? No puss is coming out but they are itchy as hell.... My first thought was maybe it was due to me over moisturizing with lotion? I applied lotion 3 times a day, each time after washing, patting dry and finally letting it completely air dry. I am now letting it completely "dry" heal as I don't know what else to do. In the last 2 photos you can it's raised on the outline but the shading is also raised it's just easier to see it on outline Thoughts?
  5. Maybe get some laser removal sessions first to lighten it up a bit?
  6. Wasn't that painful for me at all. The most painful part is the healing process since it takes much longer I find to peel
  7. Curel has been a go to of mine but I recently switched to Lubiderm fragrance free
  8. I rushed into my first couple of tattoos. Kind of regret it now but oh well
  9. Saniderm was great at keeping the bacteria away but I still peeled like crazy after removing it 5 days after getting my tattoo
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