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  1. I've said it twice, I came back to unfollow and saw you was still going on and thought I'd comment again and look you're still going on and I'm the one being childish? Yeah alright then Sounds like you're the one who graduated to douche bag. Like I've said numerous times, I came for one thing, not to have it slated. My piece isn't finished, if you research what it's meant to be, you can see a clear likeness and like said, it's got a F*** load of work left to go but obviously the only thing that's gonna correct the shit piece I have on my arm is black out Like I said it amazes me how you two are the only people to call it shit. I've tried to post more recent photos and I'm still getting slated and as more mature people, I was expecting to be treated like a person but you've just been a dick since your first comment and looking at other comments you've both posted here, you both like being *** to other people that don't agree with your first comments. If you was an artist and not a collector it might be a different story, but it isn't. I've also had two more artists check my piece and guess what? They like it and agree that once finished it's going to look good and like Fawkes which is a F***ing hard thing to get right Now the boomerang is going, I've unfollowed and whatever childish comment you or Oboogie come back with, I won't be entertaining. Go slag someone else's tattoo off, I'm sure you'll find another post you can both jump on.
  2. Oh yes all those roosters in Harry Potter. Seriously feel free to stop commenting whenever you like, you can message each other to slag this off, I'm done with this forum 👌😂
  3. Omg I told you so! F***ing hell, how old are you? I came back to unfollow, I'm sick of the emails, thought this was dead now
  4. Yes you can see lines but you can also clearly see scabs, a layer of dead skin that still needs to come off and a shit load of colour, highlight and shading still to go in The scab is off, the tattoo is being finished Friday, I'll post finished photos It's wrapped around my arm and a lot of work is still needed on it
  5. Aw dead funny Honestly thanks for trying to make me feel shit and lay it out for me like I'm a 12 year old. I really don't give a shit about your opinion, my artist is good, the art is good, looking at the tattoo now the scabs are off, it's a whole lot better, like I said before I didn't come here for the work to be slated. Out of everyone that has seen this piece, you two 'expert tattoo collectors' are the only people saying it's shit, artwork awful and it can't be fixed. Im no longer replying to this thread and I will no longer be using this forum I came for advice on one thing and not to have my artists work trashed. She had really done my father's back piece and it looks a whole lot better than half the stuff you've told me to look at on here So I'm F***ing off now
  6. Can you read? It's not finished! It's got a lot of work left to go on this and once finished and fully healed, it's going to look absolutely fine Again it's not the best photo
  7. Can you read? It's not finished! It's got a lot of work left to go on this and once finished and fully healed, it's going to look absolutely fine Again it's not the best photo
  8. I came for advise on the milky stage and that was it, nothing else I didn't come for my tattoo to be slated or for the artist to be questioned either I completely trust her work and her work is done beautifully This piece isn't finished, it's wrapped around my arm and I literally just took the quickest photo so it's not the best picture either, it also isn't fully healed and the final product once finished will look amazing and like all the others she's done on me and other clients While I appreciate all the comments, I came for advise on one thing and not to have the work slated
  9. As I've already stated, this isn't finished, but again thanks for slating the work of a reputable tattooist Artist is MollieJaneArt on Instagram, go message her and slate her yourself Thanks 😊
  10. Again, how so? Because of the scab or the work? Scabs all off now and it looks fine, finishing off next week
  11. I'll post a photo once healed and finished, I'm due back in on 14th to finish his wing off and add final colour and shading Haven't got a freshly done photo as she didn't take any with it not being finished but as soon as its done, I'll post Scabs are nearly almost off now, taken some colour so that's gonna need a touch up but he's looking okay for now 🙂 Thanks for your help x
  12. I also get that but this piece isn't finished and I did say that in my original post, I've got at least an hour and a half left and my other tattoos she has done have healed the same as on the thread posted 🙂
  13. I didn't want a 3d effect, I'm having a whole HP sleeve and this is the 3rd piece to be added I thought the work was very good, detailed, just slightly scabby and milky I'm due to go back again next month to have his wing finished and a touch up on the rest, I just wanted a bit of reassuring that this is my milky phase and not just white blobs on my tattoo 😂
  14. Thank-you, eased my mind a bit, just looking unsightly with the white areas 😭 Will try remember to post a photo once healed, finishing it off next month!
  15. Oh really? I've always done it 3 times a day during this stage I'll stick to twice a day, thanks Can I ask why you don't think it's very good? Artist is very skilled and has been tattooing a while, all other works done by her too and I thought the piece was good, just worried about the milky stage
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