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  1. These online forums are so stupid and I can't find a single place to simply ask a question without having to jump through all these hurdles or get "karma" like on reddit so I'll just ask this question here and hopefully someone can answer it. I have about 10 tattoos but I'm getting a full arm sleeve designed for the first time. I did some research on local parlors and found an artist that specializes in realistic grayscale animals/plants and that sort of thing. We had a couple consultations where I showed him pictures and discussed ideas. He showed me some designs on the third consultation, but they weren't at all related to what I wanted. They were other various animals from his flash book. Then, after three weeks of not hearing from him, I sent a friendly message asking how the design was coming along and he said it was going well. A month and a half after that, I haven't heard from him. Is this the normal artistic process for someone designing a sleeve or is he taking too long? Based on his Instagram, he's clearly busy with other work so I'm thinking he might just have me on the back burner. Should I go to another artist or hold out for him? Let me know your thoughts. Thanks!