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  1. Thanks! It's definitely something to feel proud of, but some days you do just wanna go home 😂 other sessions are more manageable. I think you pretty much have to mentally hear that death march in your head when you walk in, and expect it to be the worst pain ever and then it wont be so bad. You can't ever approach a session feeling good about it, cause you will get your arse handed to you ha ha.
  2. Thanks mate. It is a mind game to push through some of the really hard spots (back of ribs, base of spine etc) but the pay off is worth it in the end. I reckon I should take out shares in second skin, the amount we’ve used in healing this 😂 I always do a first layer straight away, then within 24 hours after the initial plasma gunk leaks I take off the second skin, wash with antibacterial soap then dry and put on another second skin and leave it for about 4 days ish. Always had nice healing doing it that way.
  3. Hey guys, Reviving the full back piece experience thread. So I had never been tattooed before and last year I decided to dive in for my first one and begin my traditional Japanese full back, (cause if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing properly right 😂) The tattooer is Matt Collins at Unseen in Adelaide. I know I don’t have anything to compare it to, but having read this thread I know what you all say about full backs is 100% true, it is damn hard work. We’ve just completed all of the background and that last session shading in rocks over the tailbone was definitely brutal. About 20 ish hours in I think. I love the finished product though, and can’t wait to see the cranes and leaves once we get into those, mostly black and grey with some red on leaves and cranes heads, haven’t decided on the omamori design yet.