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  1. Were your symptoms physically visible after 48 hrs? Any spots/blisters or anything like that, or just the redness and fluids? I'm just asking so I can have some idea of what to watch out for.
  2. Thanks for the reassurance! My hands were clean, and the saniderm sheets had just been sitting in a plastic bag (with nothing else in it, given to me by my tattoo artist) before I put them on. So I'm hoping it's fine! If anything bad happens I'll update to warn anyone with a similar question.
  3. Hi, I have a problem with saniderm and can't find any responses about this anywhere! So I got my tattoo yesterday, and changed out of the original saniderm today (after washing it with soap and patting dry with paper towel). I applied the new sheets of saniderm, but what happened is that my artist gave me 2 sheets to cover my tattoo since he didn't have a piece big enough to send me home with. They looked like they had been cut down previously. I think that there are 2 tiny white pieces of paper stuck under my new sheets of saniderm - from the white backing of the sheet. They just came off and got stuck under the saniderm. Is this an issue? I don't have any more sheets left, so if I take it off, I can't replace it. Will these tiny white pieces of paper be a problem for me? Is it better to take the saniderm off at this point?