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    I am the owner of Inkbomb Tattoos. We opened our doors early March of 2003.
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  1. A guy came in and wanted full on huge script on his chest but because he had already seen the words he wanted on someone else..."fear none but God" he changed it to "fear all but God" ????
  2. Inkbomb

    new here too

    Hi, my name is Tabatha, I've been a Tattooer for 18 years. I am new to last sparrow and I'll admit that I am also new to forums in General. But I am excited to take a look around. Thanks!
  3. On my biker cousin, Henry. I was 5 and he was covered with lots of bright colors which is saying a lot because that was 1974! many many years later after I had bee n tattooing for 10 years or so I got a job at a shop on the beach in Florida. Unbeknown to me initially, my new boss Albee was the one who gave my cousin 90% of his ink! Too cool.