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  1. Congrats on both! Tattoo looks amazing
  2. sleeve looking great jdub! saw that tiger on br’s insta!
  3. Wow that came out amazing! I want st by BR next time he’s down in SoCal. Ur stoked!
  4. Saniderm: Also peel that stuff off slow slow slow in the shower. I tore a gash of skin off with it and now have a scar. Tattoo healed amazing with it. Colors super vibrant. next time I would use sanibalm on it first before applying. Can’t wait to see what u get
  5. Some ppl are just clueless. It looks amazing.
  6. tylenol might be a good option since it can cut down the swelling and won't thin ur blood? Curious about ibuprofin too and also what the artist would rec
  7. looks really good! show em off! tattoo is better than no tattoo! btw, the car looks pretty darn cool imho.
  8. even for socal, i've seen on the higher end $200. even some of the big names when traveling are $200 an hr for first 3-4 hrs and $300 an hr for extra time over that in a single session. but things are different now it seems.
  9. u won't know what it will look like for 4-6+ weeks after fully healing. the re-work looks pretty good imho.
  10. they usually don't turn out how you envisioned it. part of working with an artist is to give them refs and tell them what u want and what u like and don't like and let them run with it. see jeff gogue's surrender documentary. you just have to let go after a certain point. if u want exactly what u envision in ur mind, u should learn to tattoo and tattoo urself imho.
  11. I had one done recently on inner bicep. Part near armpit was kinda painful but after breaking a tibia in the past, the overall pain of the tattoo was more annoying than actually painful.
  12. Don’t worry about the price, focus on the artists. Request to see healed work and see if you can get a consultation. Seems so crazy now that many artists are not doing consults and are less patient with clients. Guess many are too busy. Post pandemic for you.
  13. Start planning ur next tattoo to compliment this one
  14. looks good to me. artist interpretation. they will do what they think will look best. yours looks great. overthinking. you're lucky u didn't do what i did and tell my artist after it was finished to adjust a few things and it actually made it worse lol. for best outcome, pick a good artist, trust your artist, let them do their thing, don't micromanage. they're not going to do a carbon copy of a design on your body. it's a compromise in many ways between what they think looks best and what u want exactly.
  15. Ask the artist if the design would work in that placement. Certain designs warp when in curvy spots some more robust.
  16. Any artists with a similar style to Paul Dobleman in southern california? More of that turn of the century traditional style. Thanks in advance.
  17. Thanks Dan for the links! I'm interested in american traditional style. Actually been trying to book with one of the artists from outer limits. Are there any artists who specialize in more of a turn of the century style american traditional like Paul Dobleman? Socal has a wide variety of artists and lots of them but places like NY and SF seem to have more defined styles in the traditional genre. Many thanks!
  18. New member from southern california. if anyone has any recs for a good american traditional artist down here, please lemme know! Cheers! -Maynard
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