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  1. No it's not like filled with fluids just like some areas are rough I guess they are scabs, it's gone in someplace after moisturising it
  2. Hi noo i got my first tattoo 6 years back so the process n all have changed a little but.. Update - I removed my dermalize film today so the area have healed pretty good.. Some parts are a little bit bumpy is that okay?? Like to be bumpy and also like it's a tiny bit what do I say sore like tiny bit.. Is it fine or is something wrong? I have over thinking issues so I can't help it
  3. Hii So I got a tattoo done on Saturday its Tuesday here as of now so I had a normal covering for first few hours then I washed it with water and mild soap yesterday evening I was asked to come back to the shop to put on the dermalize film it was all fine but since today evening it's been itching like the area near the outside ends of the film is itchy and the inner parts were itching my i just tapped it once or twice it was fine but the outside area of the film is itchy is it the adhesive or is it something serious? I scratched the out side a little which made a small red mark I'm ignoring the itching tendency also a little bit of the film came peeled out a little from edge which I trimmed a little I hope it okay? My piece is on the right side of my ribs so lots of movement cause of work It's a like bit sore in some areas but other than that it's better than yesterday the soreness Also there is build up of some fluid... Is all these fine or something serious I need help please or is it fine I'm freaking out