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  1. I’m currently schooling so I don’t wanna risk my clothes getting sticked to the plasma from the tattoo while in class 😞 Will perhaps try dry healing for my second tattoo if it’s a small-medium sized one to see how it goes!
  2. Precisely, it is such a hassle to order and wait for the necessary aftercare items sigh 😞. Hopefully one day in the near future, some of these reputable brands will officially distribute their aftercare products in Singapore and other Asian countries. Yeah the humidity is annoying, I have to switch on two fans before I head to bed because aircon will dry out my skin too much. Oh ya I’ve heard about the Miami Ink tv show, they have closed down their shop and moved to different studios True, my friend’s mum also had the same reaction as my mum did when she found out about her daughter’s tattoo, after a period of time she just stop scolding my friend hahah I guess it takes time for the parents to get used to it (due to the stigma with tattoos)
  3. I managed to apply the Tegaderm over my tattoo after I showered this morning, there’s minimal plasma buildup underneath the ‘film so I guess it’s healing smoothly as of now Yeah agree, different time zone means I can’t check the replies promptly 🤣 Hi pidjones! Yeah I roughly figured out that my tattoo artist is into the old school dry healing method. I personally have dry skin which is why I bought the film to try as I wanna minimise the chances of getting scabs/flakes, and also the weather in my country is horribly humid 🥺 I ordered the after inked moisturiser on Amazon and luckily it arrived today, just in time for me to apply in a few days time after I removed the film
  4. Hi onlyme! Unfortunately most of the tattoo supplies, especially aftercare products like those renowned brands frequently mentioned by y’all (hustle butter, tattoo goo, balm tattoo, after inked etc.) aren’t readily available at the local pharmacies or drugstores. I have to preorder via international Amazon. The only thing I manage to find is the 3M Tegaderm and Smith & Nephew Opsite Flexifix. Honestly speaking, having visible tattoos in Singapore isn’t as well accepted as in USA due to typical Asian parents being strict, my mum is still nagging at me for getting a tattoo🥲.
  5. Hey guys! 😊 I’m a newbie here and just gotten my first tattoo on my right upper thigh yesterday afternoon (I’m from Singapore so the tattoo was completed on 25/01 Monday, at around 5.30pm). I just found out about the existence of saniderm/tegaderm upon chancing this website on Google. After the completion of my coloured tattoo, the tattoo artist didn’t put any cling wrap (saran wrap) on it. I had already washed my tattoo with an antibacterial soap and pat dried it with paper towels. Do I apply the Tegaderm on my tattoo right now? Or should I put on cling wrap and wait till the 24th hour mark to apply the Tegaderm? Would appreciate it if you guys could give me some advices for this!! 🥺