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  1. I'm leaving to Hawaii in about an hour for a month, was wondering if anyone knows of any shops there?
  2. Hey mate welcome, I recently got around to joining too after lurking forever. I'm a South FL native but wouldn't mind finding a quality shop up state that I cant hit on a every so often but pretty regular basis. Tattooing, painting & fishing sounds like my kind of days, right on man. Glad to have another FL boy on the forum, hope to keep in touch & again welcome on broham. btw, diggin your stuff Tim, pretty bitchin.
  3. I've been trying to find out what these little cubes are called, there's also another variation of them. Thomas Hooper tends to use them quite a bit if I'm correct Thanks Here's a picture of Tron using them (the variation of them): Instagram & here's the cube stacking from google images:
  4. haha I already started itching for my sketchbook & muddling up ideas for it. I'm gonna try & mob it out in the next hour or so.
  5. Woosh wish I answered before I got stack of answers lol, @Scott R I'm a firm believer that animals, just like us have personas of their own. Being so, as it would be with any of us, it would be rather lengthy to sit & hash out each or itemize. In almost all cultures & belief's, given the symbolism of animals, we usually see that the personality of each directly contributes to its meaning. But a quick example Coyote's in the natural world are known to be sly, arrogant, keen, quick & playful. Qualities that are almost electric & can be closely related with youth; indicating natural shifts in balance, coming of ends & way making for new beginnings, growth, to remind us to stay nimble & trust our instincts, & also to be able to adapt quickly in any situation, shape-shifting. Bear's we see a creature that although can be very hot & cold on the drop of a dime but very well-balanced. We see a tranquil & benevolent animal that is patient, although one that is also a fierce almost unstoppable force of nature, protective & powerful. Why we often see the bear used as a symbol for warriors, the moon/lunar cycles (hibernating, sleeping & waking of the mind) I think any more & it'd be good to just pick up a book, unless someone chimes in with a response that gives rise to further conversation on the topic. I think it's pretty easy to tell the difference in persona or symbolism between a monkey & an elephant. @CultExciter I already plan on getting the Ram, I'm looking for a 2nd image to go along with it that doesn't seem offsetting from it. But I do love the idea of wheat around it for texture. @Kev & those is agreement with him, yeah I'm kind of thinking of maybe just going with a wolf in sheep's clothing thing, can't go wrong with it. Ram's are un-castrated sheep, & are known to take on wolves & many times come out as the dominant force between the 2. It's not uncommon for Rams to butt wolves off of cliffs. As far as the whole placement thing goes of course I'm letting my tattooer size it & work with it's placement, but I don't doubt it's placement is a concern, my guy & I already hashed that out. Then again ftw a girl scout with a beaver giraffe mutation headress sounds like a pretty choice tattoo
  6. So I've been rolling ideas through my head, I drew up a Rams head & planning to get it tattooed on me sometime in August if I can figure out something to go along with it. I'm planning on getting it where the ribs & abdomen border each other, the face more on the outside of my abs & the back of the head & horns on the inside of the ribs; I don't know if that reference helps. I'll try to upload a decent picture of my drawing tomorrow. But for now regardless of placement & image, I was wondering what you guys might feel is a good image to contrast a Rams head, I originally wanted a Baboon face on the other side of my torso- I would love a killer baboon tattoo & feel like I'm putting that one off. However I think that it would seem a bit off I guess, a ram & a baboon? Doesn't have any correlation, I have 2 dames heads already on my ribs on the right (with Crescent moons, talismans, & candles)& a couple dapper gents (with books, Compass Squares, candles) on the left. They have a sort of Franternal/Occult "theme" so I want to continue with that I've drawn up a Baboon, a lamb, a gorilla, a lion, a coyote/wolf, elephant, & none of them really seem to sort of fit. I have a pretty good compass of each animals relative meaning or representation. But just can't see to put my finger on one that'll really parallel this Rams head & feel symmetical I hate throwing long OP threads out there, I feel like I kind of drag it out or burden other members with a convoluted question-- but I'll always feel the more info given the better answer can be given. ANY THOUGHTS?
  7. Dude I was literally just there, that's awesome. It's a clean piece man, pretty dapper. Did you go to that tattooing convention?
  8. Here's my little tidbit on the Conn/Cleen thing. Probably doesn't add much to the thread itself, or is really too informative; but hopefully offers up some conversation with someone with more experience or knowledge on the matter & on a whole. I recently posted Cleens work on the Chest/Torso thread, & Androosh kind of checked me on his worked, but I didn't really get what he was getting at, not until I read through the rest of this thread. So I always thought Conn & Cleen just had that specific style, like that was their thing. Found out about Cleen a couple years ago & I always knew about Conn; I learned of him when I was 15 & bought my first ever book of tattooers, Horitaka's "Tattooing From Japan To The West"-- & it was God word, it was literally like my holy bible for quite some time (It's so worn out now even the spine is peeling off) & idolized many of the artist in there, Conn being one of them. When I found Cleens work, obviously I was blown away, & I thought I found someone who just mastered that "style" almost identically, without really giving thought to what's said about his work in regards to Conns, seeing as how some artist can tend to share styles or pick up off of one another's. But- without any disclosed judgement, I definitely get it & for what it's worth, I'm glad I understand the whole thing between the 2 more thoroughly now & how the community looks at the subject.
  9. Ok so I just learned why Cleen is perceived to be a ________ on LST, just came back from the 'Chris Conn is Back' thread, & glad I'm understanding better what the whole thing between the 2 is & how the community looks at it. Without any disclosed judgement, I definitely get it.
  10. I know, my buddy just went up there & I sent him to her, I'll see if I can post a picture, I don't have any free time for some while, USCG Enlisted... When my free day's come though & I have my 30 days away from the Coasties, I'm road tripping up there; already have it planned out mile for mile. Now I just need to find shops in between on the way up. Side note, this thread has been incredibly informative for this ex-lurker. Thank you all who contributed :o
  11. Gift from God sufficiently fills that blank spot *ThatsWhatSheSaid* ..lol, but then again is Hooper not a _______?
  12. MrCleen killing it of course. I know it's a small picture, if I can find a bigger one I'll post it, but for now, this ones pretty bitchin.
  13. before I get flamed too though lol I know the Marilyn Monroe bit is pretty douchey, not news here; but you can't sleep on the fact that it is pretty witty haha
  14. I didn't want to jam-pack a single post but here's the dame from Steve Whittenberger, just killer. So stoked to get it done. Oh & in addition to my previous post, the spot I'm getting it in can be said to be a relatively "feminine" spot. But ftw give em hell.
  15. For what it's worth I do get you in some respects, but I would have to disagree, SStu hit it on the button, I was actually going to post that picture & say the same exact thing- it's not the image, it's how you wear it. But also I think a couple other badass tattoos can help complement it & even out that factor sometimes. I mean I'm planning on getting a tattoo of a lipstick mark right on the v-line of my waist with a quote from Marilyn Monroe that reads "Well behaved women rarely make history" & her signature (Hope someone pics up on what I'm going for with that & finds it as witty as I do lol) HOWEVER in addition right above it, I'm also planning on getting tattooed by Steve Whittenberger of a dames head peering out of a coffin & pulling a noose out of her mouth & 3 moths/butterflies in design. So I mean you have like 3 "feminine-esque" elements 1) lipstick mark 2) Marilyn Monroe quote 3) Butterflies/Moths but it's pretty gnarly when you think about the concept as a whole & nevertheless it's ALL CONFIDENCE in yourself.
  16. So stoked! I dreamt about the day I can get tattooed by CC for years, & that day- my heart will be full. Don't mean to switch up in an utterly different direction I know I'm new, but that last statement just reminded me how bad I want to get tattooed by Tron too.
  17. Hey peoples my name's Veech I'm from Miami, FL; I'm an artist, was an apprentice & scratcher for some time back in high school, not proud but not embarrassed by far, sorta long story behind that. I do plan to jump back on the wagon once I come back from active duty, I recently enlisted with the USCG. Anyways I'm really stoked to be here, I know you guys are a great crowd- cheers.
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