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  1. His name is Tony at Invoke Tattoos here in Wilmington NC. He’s done pretty much all my work, I only go to him... he does a fantastic job, he’s a really cool guy too. He has an Instagram, I think it’s called TonyTiger. You can see all his work on there that he uploads.
  2. Yeah, I’m not that worried anymore. The rest looks perfectly fine, it’s just that tiny spot. Thanks for letting me know!
  3. Thank you!!! Yep... that actually just happened this morning after my showing. The scab just came off and left a little hole. But since it’s such a small mark, I’m hoping it won’t ruin any ink. Worst case I can get it touched up... or just leave it since it’s so small.
  4. Sure thing!! My bicep I got done about 8 months ago. My forearm is 9 days old. The first two pictures of just my forearm, it’s really red. My skin was really sensitive during this session.
  5. Thanks for replying back!! And yes, you’re right, I totally stopped dipping my arm in aquaphor lol. I’m wondering if I had an allergic reaction to it, this is the first time I’ve used that stuff and didn’t really like it. For now, I’m keeping it clean and only applying a very very thin layer of hustle butter, mainly to the most itchiest of spots. That scab is getting better...but I got really nervous thinking it was an infection. I’m going to finish the antibiotics just in case, it can’t really hurt to do so. Just wanted to get other peoples opinions, thank you for your insight!
  6. Hey all! so I have a total of 8 tattoos and I can honestly say I’ve never had any scabbing. I’ve peeled a lot and itched, but never had big scabs that others have had. Just got my forearm done a week ago. I usually use hustle butter as an aftercare lotion but it was out of stock online and wouldn’t get here on time. First time I have used Aquaphor. Also, on the third day I came in contact with fiberglass but took a shower immediately after. I lathered aquaphor on and wrapped my arm and went to bed. Woke up with an itchy rash that look like little pimples. Fast forward a couple days and now I have this “scab”, I quite using aquaphor about two days prior and started to dry heal which I have never done before. I freaked!!! After being on Google for 30 minutes I was convinced I have a flesh eating virus. The doctor and my tattooist both said it looked like a scab. But it’sa pretty thick and deep looking scab! The doctor gave me oral antibiotics as well as topical antibiotic ointment just to appease me. I wanted to know other people’s thoughts and your stories on if you have scabbed like this and if it’s normal. *side note: no pain, no smell, it’s not hot, no oozing or any liquid. It’s hard to tell if there is any redness though since the tattoo is black. It was a 5 hour session done in one setting.... my skin was pretty raw afterwards.