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  1. Dermatologist 1 gave me the fucicort cream. For dermatologist 2, I haven't bought the antifungal cream yet because I was worried about putting another corticosteroid cream on it again. Thank you for the advice! I'll ask around. Sadly, I can't go for a face to face consultation yet in my country because of another imposed lockdown
  2. Hi all. I really just want other people's opinion on this. I had my tattoo done on Jan 29 and I love it so much. However, on Feb 11, a small rash appeared. I had an online consultation with a dermatologist and they said that I have to treat it with fucicort cream and antibiotics because it was oozing yellowish pus. Fast forward one week later, it calmed a little but it was still itchy. I talked to the dermatologist again and they told me to continue with the fucicort cream for 10 days (I applied it once a day then put tegaderm with gauze over it). The second photo is what it looked like
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