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  1. Thank you for your response! It's never too late as I am still looking for opinions on this. Mine has been like this for a couple of years or so now. With the pandemic, I haven't wanted to go have it looked at. Again, I thank you for your help and if anyone else has any input, I'm more than happy to hear it! ☮️
  2. Thank you for your help. I did do a search a while back and there was something about having an MRI done. I guess they are supposed to cover it or something...it said it raises the red pigments in the tattoo. Would love to hear from others if it has happened to anyone else.
  3. Hi everyone, let me start off saying I'm 60plus years old and have a brief question for anyone who can help me. I got a tattoo when I was 55 years old to celebrate my retirement and in honor my mother and grandparents from Scotland. I got a thistle on my outside, lower left ankle. It's about 3" high. My question is, I've had it now for over 10 years and for the last year or so I notice it is bumpy and itches. The bumps are like the size of small peas and are all within the lines of the tattoo. Has anyone ever heard of this? Is there anything I should be afraid of and is there any way to
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